Chapter 2

Digital humanities methods have seen increasing adoption both globally, and in non-textual media. While some DH approaches, such as the creation of digital “archives” (understood in many different ways) and “editions”, have been comparatively easy to translate into different cultural and institutional contexts, computational textual analysis is often seen as a bastion of mostly-white, mostly-male, mostly-Anglophone scholars with access to expensive computational resources and large textual corpora. This talk will make a case for both the intellectual value and low-cost feasibility for individual scholars to apply computational text analysis methods to material from popular culture in languages other than English.

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Chapter 1

dharti speaks

We are delighted to introduce DHARTI Speaks!–a series that will see Global Voices and/in Local Conversations on Digital Humanities. For the first set of dialogues, we have the privilege of having two fantastic scholars of Electronic Literature, from Ghana and India, who are going to offer their global perspectives on the topic through their local contexts.

Please register through the QR Code or the link in the poster.
Look forward to seeing you on Zoom on Dec 20 at 8:30 pm (IST)!

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