The general channel on the DHARTI SLACK is a space to have interest-specific and meaningful conversations about Digital Humanities at large, and Digital Humanities in India in particular.

There are six Sepcial Interest Groups, or Slack Channels, faciliated by members of DHARTI, to speak about subject-specifc interventions within DH. The details are as follows:

SIG: DH in Regional Heritage Projects
Facilitator: Prakruti Maniar
Details: The DH in Regional Heritage Projects SIG has covered such topics as oral history, archives in the digital age, tracing family history, creating multimedia heritage projects, and more.

SIG: DH Pedagogy
Facilitator: Manasi Nene
Details: Discussions have revolved around how and how much technology can and should be used in the classroom, for teaching at large, in India. Questions of privacy, infrastructure, access and more are discussed here.

SIG: Cultural Analytics and Computational Humanities
Facilitator: Poonam Chowdhury
Details: Discussions have involved the intersection of video games and literature, using Python for humanities projects, talks on text recognition technologies, and more.

SIG: DH with reference to Marginalized Communities, delving into Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasi (DBA) Studies
Facilitator: Subhanjali Saraswati
Details: Discussions have revolved around caste and the internet, marginalized voices on social media, and more.

SIG: Digital Objects in/and Media
Facilitator: Samya Brata Roy
Details: Members talk about gaming, digital objects and the how and why of their preservation, photography in media and the narratives they spin, and more.

SIG: DH Archives
Facilitator: Sritama Chatterjee
Details: Internet Archives, blogs, digital history, artefacts, manuscripts and more in this exciting channel.

SIG: Feminist DH / Gender and DH
Facilitator: Sayantani Saraswati
Details: Gender, violence and social media, digital privilege, women-centered action forums, and more have been points of discussion on this channel.